About the Captured Motions Series


Glowing, molten glass is manipulated in a kiln to create unusual one-of-a-kind pieces. Once the glass is cool, the moment in time when the glass was moving is captured forever. We bring our imaginations to make sense of the abstract forms. Closer inspection reveals depth and nuance as colored glass folds and flows. 

About Earth Inspiration Series

 The  beauty of colored crystals formed in veins of rocks was the initial  inspiration for the Earth Inspiration Series. Over time, the pieces have  come to include other forms inspired by the natural world. Most of the  pieces in this series are iridescent accented with additional glass  textures. The texture and iridescence allows the pieces to interact with  their environment, changing as the light in the room changes over the  course of the day.  

Collaborations with Nancy Pendleton


Sandy and her sister Nancy Pendleton have recently combined their unique talents to create a series of collaborative artworks. Nancy is a well-established contemporary mixed media artist. The sisters work together to design a glass focal point that is then put into context on a mixed media panel. 

In Arizona, the collaboration pieces by Nancy and Sandy Pendleton are represented by the Wilde-Meyer Galleries in Scottsdale and Tucson.